Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sucker Punch - Trailer HD

Annoying Orange: Lady Pasta
Ядаргаатай уур хүрмээр жүрж

Interactive zombie movie adventure - DELIVER ME TO HELL - REAL ZOMBIES ATTACK
Fucking awesome pizza commercial ha ha choose the right choice
Үнэхээр хөөрхөн сэтгэсэн пиццаний реклам бна сонголтоо сайн хийгээрэй

C.R.A.B. Robot

The C.R.A.B (Cybernetic Autonomous Remote Barricade) Droid, is a revolutionary robotic sentry system designed by Jamie Martin.
"Robot design, modelling and animation by Jamie Martin. Modelled and animated in Maxon Cinema 4D. Edited in Final Cut Pro."
"Policing has been revolutionised with the introduction of the C.R.A.B. robotic sentry system, due to soon be trialled live on the streets of London, England.
The advanced robotics technology behind the C.R.A.B.’s artificial intelligence have been secretly developed over the past 12 years as a joint venture between weapons manufacturer Dalton/Stanley and megacorporation Omni Consumer Products.
The results of their historical collaboration has been to produce the most advanced robotic defence system ever constructed, featuring next-generation weaponry and armour protection. The C.R.A.B. is set to pave the way for all future Police and Military automaton technology from here onwards, and will be found on patrol in the public domain very soon.
Кибернетик хараат бус бие даасан Робот
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NEW Hi-Tech Assault/Sniper Rifle/Machine Gun (3D Gun Animation)

Өндөр шинэ дэвшилтэт

Assault/Sniper Rifle/Machine Gun

The PEN Story

Их хөдөлмөр шингэсэн Olimpus реклам
This is the PEN Story in stop motion. They shot 60,000 pictures, developed 9,600 prints and then again shot over 1,800 pictures. And apparently without any post production! Thanks to all the stop motion artists who inspired us. Amazing, I love it!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Novation Dicer - Serato cue point and looping controller

Нэгэн шинэ төрлийн тоглуулагч тасарцан

Novation Dicer at Fabric

Burn Ignite :: Ride :: feat Steve Berra (OFFICIAL HD)

Шатангаа skateboard унан айн тасарцан реклам

Burn Ignite presents :: PLAYGROUND :: Julius Wright a.k.a Lyrical God

Юун дээр ч хамаагүй beat хийдэг хар залуу

Dancing Pigeons - Ritalin

Flamethrower Vs. Fire Extinguisher

Галаар туригагч гал сөнөөгчийн эсрэг

Slow motion soda explosion
Энийг яаж ч ойлгож болох юм шиг

V Pomparkour Ladder Sport

Нэгэн шинэ төрлийн шаттай спорт

Sunday, July 25, 2010

40 essential summer songs

40 essential summer songs
Энэ зуний заавал сонсох 40 дуунууд
Миний хувьд мартагдсан дуунууд
20-1 хүртэл
20 to 1
Smells like teen spirit


El Guincho - "Hindou" (official video)


Fred Neil - Everybody`s Talkin`


Beautiful & Dangerous - Desmond Dekker.


Rebel Music - BOB MARLEY


David Bowie- Sound and Vision


Frank Black The Adventure and the Resolution


Prince Buster - Madness

Warren G regulate


Best Coast - Boyfriend (4.7.10)


Human League - Don't you want me 1982


i luv u / dizzee rascal


Ramones - Rockaway Beach


Neil Young - Heart Of Gold


Oasis - Slide Away

Nelly hot in here


The Universal - Small Faces


The Byrds-"Mr.Tambourine Man"-5/8/65


Higher Than The Sun - By: Primal Scream


The Stone Roses - She Bangs The Drums